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Python Weekend in Bratislava

An interactive Python Weekend led by our top developers.

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Free admission
What to expect?

What will you experience during the weekend?

Admission task

In order to attend, you will have to complete an entrance task and be selected.

Entry task is a simple challenge that can be solved in many ways. The solution must be written in Python.

We will be accepting the best ones, so be sure to send in your solution as soon as possible.

The capacity of the course is 20 people. The participants will be selected based on their solution to the entrance task.

Lecturers & Mentors


If you have any additional questions please send us an email to [email protected]

Anyone interested should be confident in their programming skills using Python and be able to solve our entry task.
No, the whole educational weekend is free of charge and sponsored by

We don’t provide accommodation. If you need accommodation, we’ll let you know in advance about the venue so that you can book a nice place close to the location.


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