Pyladies Meetup [Bratislava] [EN]

10. 9. 2023
Žižkova, Bratislava, Slovakia, BTS-5-Airbus A380 (16) [Videoconf]
22 February, 2024
| 16:30
Žižkova, Bratislava, Slovakia, BTS-5-Airbus A380 (16) [Videoconf]
Register here: https://www.meetup.com/pyladies-bratislava/events/298670345

PyLadies have yet another meetup with us and this time the topic is Machine Learning in Python.

We’ll also have an external speaker/lecturer
 – Jakub Novotny (Lead MLOps Engineer at Slovak Telekom). He’s been forming the area of AI & ML in Telekom for more than 10 years and now he is mostly focused on the development of an internal MLOps framework – Model Factory for a complex and effective management of AI/ML model lifecycle.

Time: 18:00
Where: Airbus Meeting Room, Kiwi.com Bratislava