EuroPython 2024 Conference [Prague] [EN]

10. 9. 2023
08 - 15 July, 2024
EuroPython 2024 is returning to Prague! 

We’re the oldest and longest running volunteer-led Python programming conference on the planet! Join us in July in the vibrant Bohemian city Prague. We’ll be together, celebrating our shared passion for Python and its community!

A week of all things Python:

  • Monday & Tuesday, 8 & 9 July: Tutorials & Workshops (Heads up! Separate ticket needed to attend the workshops).
  • Wednesday–Friday, 10-12 July: Conference talks & sponsor exhibition
  • Saturday & Sunday, 13 & 14 July: Sprints

Kiwi.com Support: Speaking, Sponsoring, Volunteering.
Kiwi.com Speakers: Alvaro Duran Barata, Martina Ivaničová, Marian Špilka, Michal Cyprian, Madalina Ciortan, Marin Aglić Čuvić.

Info and registration: https://ep2024.europython.eu/