Effective Web Testing [Online] [EN]

10. 9. 2023
23 January, 2024
| 17:00
Kiwi.com Support: Organizer, Speaking
Kiwi.com Speakers: Boris Petrenko
Are tests an afterthought in your team? Do they feel like a chore and a waste of time? Maybe it is time to rethink your approach!
Boris Petrenko, Staff Engineer at Kiwi.com will guide you through the concept of executable specification, and cover the whole top-down testing pyramid, from UI tests, integration tests to unit tests.
You will leave primed to create test suites that eliminate regressions while drastically boosting delivery velocity!

More information: https://talkbase.io/event/effective-web-testing-w-boris-petrenko/kiwi-com