About BrMo 2022

A meetup for all things mobile.
This time face to face in Brno again!
Join us for an afternoon of talks and networking in Kiwi. com office (Nová Zbrojovka).


Thành Đỗ Long + Daniel Fernandez (Cleevio) – “How to be bald in a few steps by adding SwiftUI and Combine to your project"

Jan Škrášek (Kiwi.com) – “Orbit meets JetPack Compose: building design system with JetPack Compose"

Boris Borović + Jakub Doležal (Kiwi.com) – “How, when and why we use AB tests in our development process"

Pavel Holec (Kiwi.com) – “Building design system in SwiftUI"

Daniel Janočko (Kiwi.com) – “Radio streaming and media devices control with Android"

Daniel Jochman + Tomáš Kratochvilla (Kiwi.com) – “Mobile QA - From manual to automation testing in mobile QA"