Sep 27, 2017

Upcoming events

Interested in events? Here you can find a list of all of the events we are organising, partnering or supporting. Please, follow the links that will provide you with more information.

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March 2019

March 29–30, globally: Global Travel Hackathon

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January 2019

January 25–27, Brno: JS Weekend

December 2018

December 4, Helsinki: Python meetup

December 5, Moscow: Python meetup

December 6, Saint Petersburg: Python meetup

December 7–9, Brno: Python weekend

December 11, Brno: OpenTTD Christmas Party

December 12, Brno: Atlassian Christmas Party

November 2018

November 1, Ostrava: Tech meetup

November 2–3, Saint Petersburg: PiterPy

November 6, USA: Scylla summit

November 8, Bratislava: World usability day

November 10, Brno: Python Hackathon by Engeto

November 12, USA: Czech beer in Mountain View

November 12, JS road tourSkopje

November 13, JS road tourBelgrade

November: 13, Brno: Design systems meetup

November 13, Brno: Agilia Meeting

November 14, JS road tourZagreb

November 14, Brno: BrMo — Brno Mobile Meetup

November: 15, USA: How to build unicorn in Eastern Europe

November 15, JS road tourBudapest

November 15, Brno: Devs breakfast

November 16–18, Belgrade: PyCon Balkan

November 19, Warsaw: PyDataJS meets

November 20, JS road tourTalin

November 20, Bratislava: Open source meet up

November 20, Prague: Atlassian Edu meetup

November 21, JS road tourRiga

November 21, JS road tourTalinn

November 22, Brno: Testcrunch

November 23, Hradec Králové: Data festak

November 23, Prague: Social Innovation Weekend

November 24, Brno: Unihunt UX day

November 24, Barcelona: PyDay

November 27, Warsaw: Women in tech summit

November 29, Bratislava: ProductTank Meetup

October 2018

October, worldwide: Travelling Salesman Challenge 2.0

October, Czech Republic: Opening Data [CZ]

October 10, Prague: Mobile Meetup

October 10, Split: Product Tank Meetup

October 11, Brno: Devs Breakfast — How to be more productive as an engineer

October 12–14, Split: Weekend in the Cloud

October 13, Hradec Králové: Barcamp HK

October 16, Prague: Design System Meetup

October 17, Prague: Slack & Meetup

October 18, Brno: Big Step (for students)

October 18, Ljubljana: Python Meetup

October 19–21, Split: Python Weekend

October 22, Brno: Tech Writers Meetup

October 22–23, Moscow: Python Conf [RU]

October 23–25, Spain: Python Meetup Tour — Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid

October 25, Krakow: GoGoConf

October 31, Brno: Information Security Meetup

October 29–31, Prague: Reactive Conf

September 2018

September 7–9, Barcelona: Python Weekend

September 8, Brno: Measure Camp

September 12, Skopje: Dynamic Data

September 13, Brno: Devs Breakfast

September 18, Brno: Design System Meetup

September 21–23, Prague: WEBEXPO 2018

September 24, Brno: Devs Rooftop Party

September 27, Bratislava: Online Summit

August 2018

August 16, Barcelona: Open House and Rooftop party

August 16–19, Odesa: Jazz Do IT

August 20, Brno: iOS Meetup

August 23–26, Warsaw: PyconPL

August 22–25, Prague: Human Level Artificial Intelligence

July 2018

July 6–8, Berlin: PyData Berlin

July 23–29, Edinburgh: EuroPython

June 2018

June 12, Brno: Pitfalls of Machine Learning at (not only)

June 14, Brno: Code Review Workshop

June 15, Prague: mDev Camp

June 16, Brno: Forum on Women in Tech

June 18, Brno: Design Patterns Meetup

June 18, Prague: Katja Minitsenka: From Belarus to Mars

June 19, Brno: Katja Minitsenka: From Belarus to Mars

June 19, Bratislava: Logging and Metrics Talk by Stephanie New

June 20, Prague: Silicon Valley Meetup

June 23–24, Prague: HackPrague

June 25, Brno: BrMo Android Meetup

May 2018

May 14, Skopje: DevOps workshop

May 16, Brno: BrMo — Brno Mobile Conference

May 18, Brno: Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics MU

May 18–20, Brno: weekend in the cloud

May 24, Barcelona: Python Meetup

April 2018

Apr 4, Brno: Cloud Meetup

Apr 10, Prague: Google Cloud OnBoard

Apr 10, Prague: UnIT ČVUT

Apr 12, Minsk: Python Meetup

Apr 16, Brno: Design Cinema

Apr 17, Brno: Open House

Apr 17, Brno: Veletrh iKariéra VUT

Apr 20, Brno: UX Hackathon

Apr 23, Brno: iOS Meetup (details TBA)

Apr 24, Brno: Tableau Meetup (details TBA)

Apr 27, London: PyData

March 2018

Mar 2, Brno: Golang Hackathon

Mar 6, Cluj, Numerical Computing

Mar 9, Bratislava: PyCon SK

Mar 16–18, Barcelona: Modern JS Weekend

Spend a weekend in Barcelona improving your JavaScript skills. We’re providing participants with flight vouchers & accommodation!

Mar 22, Bratislava: Big Data & AI

Mar 23–25, Prague: Machine Learning Prague 2018

We’ve partnered with the ML Prague conference. Join us and get a 10% discount by registering with the coupon code kiwi10.

Mar 26, Brno: ngBeer vol. 2

Mar 28, Prague: Veletrh iKariéra

February 2018

Feb 12, Brno: Android meetup

Feb 15, Brno: Golang Meetup

Feb 20, Barcelona: BarcelonaJS Meetup

Feb 22, Brno: Pyvo

Feb 23–25, Brno: Python Weekend

Feb 26, Brno: Tester Meetup

Feb 27, Brno: Functional Programming Meetup

January 2018

Jan 22, Brno: ngBeers Meetup

Jan 25, Brno: Reactive Meetup

To check a sum up of events for 2017, click on the picture.

December 2017

Dec 5, Brno: GDPR for non-execs

Dec 6, Prague: LambdUp

Dec 6, Brno: How to work with data by (for Brno students)

Dec 6, Brno: Mobile Meetup

Dec 13, Brno: OpenTTD Lan Party

Dec 14, Brno: Free Code Camp Meetup

November 2017

Nov 2, Brno: Metrics and Monitoring Meetup

Nov 3, Brno: TestCrunch 2017

Nov 4–5, Prague: DevFest

Nov 4–5, Brno: OpenAlt

Nov 9, Bratislava: World Usability Day

Nov 9, Brno: FreeCodeCamp Meetup

Nov 22, Brno: Blockchain Meetup

Nov 23, Bratislava: Python, C++, rockets meetup

Nov 24–25, Brno: Travel Hackathon 2017 in train

October 2017

Oct 4, Brno: Brno JS

BrnoJS returns after the summer holiday with a brand new meetup at’s venue Bistro Andini. More info.

Oct 5, Brno: All about UX

We have a lineup of leaders in this field who will speak about the UX-related topics you choose at the beginning of the panel: David Tuč (Head of UX at, Michael Remington (VP Experience Design at Netsuite, Oracle) & Tomáš Koliba (User Experience Manager at Netsuite, Oracle). Get your tickets here.

Oct 7–8, Prague: LinuxDays 2017

Conference with a number of Linux-related talks and workshops. is a partner. More info.

Oct 6–8, Prague: Startup Weekend Prague — Education

Join the first Education Startup Weekend in the Czech Republic. is supporting the event. More info.

Oct 6–11, Belo Horizonte, Brasil: Python Brasil

Our Django Developer Katia Nakamura will be giving a speech at Brazil’s 13th Python Conference. More info.

Oct 12–13, Brno: Language Hackathon

Come to learn and test your programming skills in a two-day hackathon. Together with Moravia IT and Impact Hub Brno, we’ll cover groundbreaking and disruptive technologies that help drive multilingual content and break language barriers.

Oct 13, Milano, PGDay.IT

Our devs will be at this event. More info.

Oct 14, Hradec Králové: Barcamp HK’s Community Manager Jan Bleha will give a speech there. More info.

Oct 20, Moscow, Russia: Moscow Python Conf

Our developer Roman Roznik is a keynote speaker. More info (in Russian).

Oct 21–22, Brno: Social Good Hackathon

Develop technical solutions to solve social challenges in this hackathon by NESEHNUTÍ, an NGO. It’s a unique opportunity to design socially impactful projects with an exciting community of Czech and Slovak activists. Supported by!

Oct 25, Bratislava: Reactive Conf Bratislava

Use this link to get a ticket and get a 20% discount! We’re supporting the event. More info.

Oct 26, Barcelona, Spain: Python Meetup developers will be presenting. More information to come.

Oct 27–29, Brno: Machine Learning weekend

The Machine Learning weekend is an intensive course led by top machine learning engineers. It’s free and anyone can apply. We’ll pick 20 attendees based on their solutions to the entry task. Course details can be found under Program.

Oct 30, Prague: Machine Learning Meetup

Come to learn more about Google Cloud’s AI, neural net-based ML, Bayesian Optimization and using Machine Learning in the travel industry.

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