Apr 11, 2022

Techweek 2022: 5 reasons why you should attend

Techweek 2022

At Kiwi.com, we decided to resurrect local tech meetups in a big style — by bringing a week full of events to the community.
Read on to see what we have in store for you!

1. A great variety to choose from

It does not matter which technology you are a fan of. Frontend, backend, mobile, AI? We got you covered.
You can choose from over 15 meetups and events during the week.

2. Networking opportunities

What would be a meetup without some networking time. We invited many interesting speakers and experts in the field. You will have a chance to meet other tech enthusiasts and developers and have some meaningful discussions over nice drinks and some snacks.

3. Local

We really missed the face-to-face events during the pandemic, so we were sure to create something local for our Techweek comeback this year.
You can look forward to several meetups in Brno, Prague, Barcelona, Bratislava, Belgrade and even Košice.

4. An opportunity to learn something new

Techweek 2022 is special to us.
Kiwi.com is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and we believe that sharing knowledge is the best gift. That’s why we are organizing also several meetups in our offices with our amazing Kiwi.com Crew Members as speakers.
Come to the meetups and leave with some useful pieces of knowledge 🙂

5. Free and open to all

We believe meeting others and learning new things should be accessible for everyone. That’s why all the Techweek meetups are free of charge. You can also invite your friends or family — the only requirement is that everyone fill out a registration.

How to register?

Did we get your attention?
Head to https://code.kiwi.com/techweek and learn more about the events of Techweek — or register right away!

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