Jun 12, 2017

SourceLift: flights for open source teams

Kiwi.com is giving away flights to open source teams that need to travel!

To boost the progress of FOSS projects and reward contributors with a well-deserved trip, we’re offering tickets to teams that need to:
a) Attend a conference, or
b) Organise a sprint / a workshop

If your open source team is in need of flights, head over to Kiwi.com/sourcelift to make your application.

Preferred technologies

We’ll give preference to teams that are involved in the following:

  • Language-agnostic dev tools (text editors, package managers, etc)
  • Python-related projects (libraries, tools, etc)
  • Node.js-related projects
  • PostgreSQL-related projects

Preferred Events

We’ll also give preference to teams that want to attend the same events as us. In this way, we’ll be able to meet each other, assist in your sprint and learn more from each other!

Already supported

The first project we supported is coala with three 200 EUR flight vouchers for Kiwi.com to travel to the EuroPython 2017.

Make sure you add our Google Calendar to see which events we’re attending.

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