Aug 14, 2018

Solve our coding challenge and get a free ticket for WebExpo

Today’s your lucky day because we’re giving away a ticket to WebExpo!

But we don’t just want to award it to the fastest clicker or through a random raffle, so we’ve prepared a colour mixing challenge for you.

What is the task?

You’ll start by converting the following string:\u0000

Into three colours which we will call EMO for their names.
Now solve the formula for colour X:

K = rotate(multiply(screen(E, M), O)) + X


  • K is the brand color #00a991
  • rotate() rotates Hue color by 120°
  • multiply() and screen() are common color blending operations

To apply for the free ticket, send us the code of colour X together with the code you used to compute the correct answer (please, don’t send messy console logs).

The first person who sends us the correct answer gets the ticket. However, we’ll reward the authors of interesting codes with 20 euro flight vouchers. So, don’t worry too much with making the code extremely neat…

Send your solution preferably in JavaScript, however, if you solve it in another language, we won’t be mad. At worst, an unusual choice of language will earn you a flight voucher (if we’re able to verify that the code works ;-))

When you have the solution

Send your solution via email to [email protected]. Please, use WebExpo Challenge as the subject and follow the structure below. Everyone is allowed only one submission.

Hi,I'm sending my code for WebExpo Challenge, it's #xxxxxx.This is my code:[insert your code]

We’ll reply by email in a few days if you’re the winner.

What you should do at WebExpo

When you get to WebExpo, don’t miss the talk by our new CIO David Pavlík who’ll lead a workshop on how to lead high performing engineering teams. Some other tips from our devs are, for example:

Good luck with the challenge, we’re looking forward to receiving your solution.

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