Oct 24, 2016

Reactive Conference in Bratislava

We were Gold Partners at the Reactive Conference in Bratislava: the largest React conference in the region.

Kiwi.com workshops

The following two intensive workshops were led by Boris Petrenko and Michael Musil, our experienced Front-end developers:

Kiwi.com booth

If you visited us at our stand, you had the chance to solve our React Puzzle which could win you tickets to the Kiwi.com Conference Ice Party, or Kiwi.com vouchers worth 500 EUR!

More than 126 people tried, 48 were correct and we sent 100 EUR Kiwi.com vouchers to 5 of them.

Kiwi.com Ice Party

On Thursday we organised a party in the first — and only — Ice Bar in Slovakia! We experienced literally the coolest developer talks 🙂

Read more about the conference in the official ReactiveConf wrap up.

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