Jun 26, 2017

Python Hackathon II

Fifty participants attended our second Python Hackathon organised by Engeto, PwC and Kiwi.com. The proceedings were supervised by more than a dozen Python gurus at the Impact Hub Brno.

Serious levels of concentration

The purpose of these hackathons is to expand and share knowledge with the community. Python fans of all skill levels were able to learn a thing or two from the quality mentorship that was available.

Of course, it was all about coding. Beginners worked up a sweat while accomplishing tasks with varying levels of difficulty. Advanced students worked mostly worked in teams on real projects.

Mentors — the base rock of any hackathon.

We had an easy-going atmosphere and a day filled with energy drinks, tasty food and strong coffee.

In the evening, our newly born projects were presented. The most successful and sophisticated of them won accolades, Kiwi.com travel vouchers and marvelous prizes. The night was topped off with a party at the bar and some solid networking.

After the success of this event, we’re already looking forward to the third Python Hackathon. Keep in touch and make sure you don’t miss it.

Hackathons are about broadening your IT skills… and catching frisbees
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