Nov 21, 2017

Python Brazil 2017: “People > Technology”

At the beginning of October, I attended the Python Brazil Conference, in Belo Horizonte — MG, Brazil. ????????

The event happened over 6 days — with 3 days of talks, 2 days of tutorials and a 1 day Sprint. I gave a talk on the second day about Django Migrations — but that’s a topic for another article. ????

Just like last year, the main phrase stamped on the T-shirts was:

“Pessoas > Tecnologia” (Portuguese)


“People > Technology”

This sentence was created by the organiser of Python Brazil 2016 — 

Mário Sérgio. He made it clear that “people are more import than technology.” This year, the new organiser — Igor Santos — decided to keep it because it’s such an accurate description of the Python Community in Brazil. ????

This probably gives you an idea why Python Brazil is one of best conferences I’ve ever been to. It’s an event made by people for all people. “It’s about relationship, friendship and inclusion.” As 

Mário Sérgio said in his article (in Portuguese ????????) describing his experience of organising the Python Brazil 2016, in Florianópolis — SC, Brazil.

Official Photo — Python Brazil 2017, Belo Horizonte — BH — Brazil

This year, Python Brazil received almost 600 people and 40% of the speakers were women — almost all of them active on PyLadies and/or Django Girls. And the reason I want to highlight this is because they are doing a great job ???????? — in Brazil and other countries—of bringing more amazing women into the world of technology. Girls, you are awesome! ✨

During that week, I also had the chance of speaking at another event called Conexão Anitas — Python Brazil BH”, organized by Anitas and PyLadies. The main goal of “Conexão Anitas” was to inspire and connect women who work in the technological and entrepreneurial sectors.

Two amazing friends and I — who I met through the Python Community✨ — were invited to share our experiences and tell our stories.

Leticia Portella | Kátia Nakamura | [PK] Paola Katherine

Leticia Portella is on the left. She’s an Oceanographer and holds a Master’s degree in Oceanography from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). She found a passion in programming and left the coastal and port engineering area to start working as a Web Developer. Today, she works at Softplan as a Data Scientist.

[PK] Paola Katherine is on the right. She’s on the board of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). She’s also a Backend Developer, PyLady and is trying to start her own business.

Kátia Nakamura | Jessica Temporal | Leticia Portella | Thais Viana | [PK] Paola Katherine

I’m very proud to have been invited alongside these incredible girls and for being part of it. Unforgettable! ???? Thank you so much — to the organizers and all participants — for making it happen. ????

Conexão Anitas — Python Brazil BH 2017

Besides that, we also had the first Official Django Day together with the Python Brazil Conference. It happened at a bar with more than 50 people and 3 great talks from 3 great people.

Andrew Godwin — if you work with Python/Django, you’ve probably heard of him — talked about “Concurrency to Channels”. His slides are available here. Andrew is part of the Django Core Team and created South — the migration framework for Django. He wrote most of Django’s new built-in migrations and started Django Channels. As a Django developer, I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done — are still doing — for the Django Community. ????

Filipe Ximenes (also known as Xima) is a Software Developer and partner at Vinta Software Studio. He had a talk about “Multi-tenancy applications with Django” (in Portuguese ????????). I’ve met a lot of people from Vinta at Conferences around the world — like Flávio Juvenal and Lais Varejão. They’ve presented at many conferences and also published some great articles. It’s a very good company from Recife, in Brazil. They have a skilled team and excellent professionals. ????????

Henrique Bastos creates and invests in businesses that promote people’s autonomy. He is well known for the Welcome to the Django course — way beyond programming — which I did, yay! ✨ ???? He’s also done many other great talks at meetups and events around Brazil and abroad. Henrique, I’m your fan. ????????

It was 6 INSANE days in my lovely country ????????❤️ being part of one of the best Python Conferences of my life!

Thanks, Python Brazil — organizers, volunteers who helped with the organization, people who attended the conference, people who I met, people who I didn’t have the chance to meet (yet!????), people who always make this event happen — and give their best for this: You are f**king AWESOME❤️


I’m glad to be part of this family. ????

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