Apr 18, 2019

mDevCamp is coming, get yourself a free ticket!

Are you a mobile enthusiast? Are you itching to join us for mDevCamp? Great! We’re offering you one free ticket and reimbursement for all your travel expenses (if you travel from Europe).

mDevCamp is the largest conference for mobile enthusiasts in Central Europe. This year, it takes place on 31 May at the Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic. We at Kiwi.com definitely can’t miss it as we are this year’s Technology & Supporting partner.

How do you get there for free?

We need your help in developing the best travel mobile application in the world. Download our mobile app, fill out this questionnaire, and answer these three simple questions:

  1. What do you like about our app?
  2. What would you improve?
  3. And the last one: Why do you want to attend this awesome event?

That’s all. Easy, right? The deadline for sending your answers is Wednesday, 15 May. We’ll be choosing the best answers so be creative and try to impress us. 🙂

What else can you expect from Kiwi.com at mDevCamp?

You should definitely pop by our booth. Just as last year, you can stop by to have a chat with our senior iOS and Android developers, talk about our app and product and get some cool Kiwi.com merch.

What’s more, since our motto is work hard, play harder, you can look forward to some fun games and competitions. How about getting a pair of awesome socks with planes and the Kiwi.com logo or a €150 flight voucher for your next trip? Not bad, right? Stop by and find out how to get them. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

If you want to know how we enjoyed the conference last year, check out this report.

See you there!

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