Apr 1, 2019

Kiwi.com to kick off its own university

This is not a 100 % April Fools’ Day prank. Of course, we won’t be providing an official degree but the scope of our educational events can definitely help you to get your coding skills to a higher level. Check the upcoming events below.

For everyone

Kiwi.com Tech Week

A week full of IT meetups, workshops, discussions, and other gatherings connecting local tech communities. We’re bringing the most talented people from the IT world for a week full of IT meetups, workshops, discussions, and other gatherings connecting local tech communities. In Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Learn more –>

Forum on Women in Tech

Top women from the tech industry will share their expertise and know-how on leading projects and teams in global IT companies.

More info coming soon here –>

For beginners

Python & JavaScript Academy

We’re creating a platform where junior developers can improve their skills while working on real projects assigned by Kiwi.com engineers. They will also provide you with mentorship and feedback on the solutions you deliver and you’ll be rewarded for the successful delivery of a given task (you’ll get money).

Both projects are currently in an MVP phase, but if you want to learn more when we release updates, join our mailing list here.

As for JavaScript, the tasks themselves will focus mostly on Javascript on the web, backend, and mobile. The technology stack is mainly React, GraphQL, React Native and Flow.

As for Python, the tasks will focus mostly on automation over APIs. The technology stack is mainly Python, Docker, Kubernetes or Serverless architecture.

If you want to learn more when the project is kicked off, sign up to our newsfeed.

For junior and advanced programmers

Python Weekend

An intensive, educational weekend course of Python, where you’ll learn about Python best practices, web requests, databases (persistent PostgreSQL, non-persistent Redis), debugging, deploying an app in Docker and creating a web app.

The closest Python Weekend is happening on 5–7 April in Bratislava but the applications are already closed. The next one will come soon, follow the web to learn more.

Cloud Weekend

Kiwi.com Weekend in the Cloud is a free weekend training event that will provide you with a technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Terraform, Kubernetes and monitoring tools.

The next one is happening on 7–9 June in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Learn more and apply –>

JavaScript Weekend

Fetch data via GraphQL, create React components and make it all alive in Next.js framework. Ensure it works due to Cypress.io end to end tests and set up continuous deployment process.

The next one is happening on 24–26 May in Zagreb, Croatia.

Learn more and apply –>

Spring Camp

Join us for a week full of backend coding in Python and JavaScript. More info will be released soon on the web, so far, you can check last year’s summer edition.

For designers

UX Travel Sprint

Improve your design, research & prototyping skills at the upcoming two-day design event in Bratislava. Based on design thinking and design sprint, we’ll come up with solutions to make travel better for everyone.

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