Aug 2, 2017

Helping the Python community grow

It must be at least 30 degrees outside but in the center of Brno with all the concrete and stone, it feels like 50. However, this is nothing for the two dozen programmers and tech enthusiasts who gathered in Nest, a cozy design studio with a beautiful view of the roofs and church towers of Brno. They don’t mind the temperature, they don’t care about the view. The only thing occupying their mind is code. They came to gain new Python skills and meet new people at’s Python weekend.

Introducing some basic information before kicking off the coding projects.

They’re programming a kind of ‘’,” explains Michal, one of the co-organizers of the event and the Head of Automation at

“They are working with an old version of so that they have a real project in front of them,” he adds. The main difference is that they are not making reservations for flights but operating with train and bus tickets instead.

The programmers came to learn new skills and gain a deeper knowledge of Python. “I’m here to get hands-on experience with the language. So far I’ve been dealing with school projects only” says Libor on his motivation to attend the Python weekend.

The course of the event meets his expectations and there’s a lot to learn. Every so often, there’s a short presentation by the developers to provide the necessary information to keep going.

“We lead them and share pieces of knowledge and then they continue on their own.” — Michael

However, “on their own” is not what’s really happening. Everyone is writing their version of the code but they have developers at their disposal, ready to help them if they get stuck.

On a short break, two guys stand on the terrace discussing the code they’re working on and enjoying the view of the Spilberk castle — one of the best you can get here in Brno.

“I used to study Python for a semester when I was a student and I’m here to learn new skills. I haven’t used it for some time and some go the things I’m seeing for the first time. But the support is amazing, it’s easy to tell that the guys from know the language pretty well, there was no question they couldn’t answer.” — Martin

For and its developers, this kind of event offers a way of meeting new people with a growth mindset and a strong will to learn. It’s also a great way to support the IT community.

“I want to support the community. I could be at home, writing open source to support the community, but the Python weekend meets the same goal for me. I support the community but I can get a break from using the computer directly for a while,” reveals Lukáš, our Automation Developer

The deeply-focused faces of the programmers who came to dive into Python show that this was a good investment of his energy.

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