Aug 29, 2017

Getting started with Framer

Jonas Treub, a Product Engineer from Framer, stands before dozens of people in one of our training rooms. It’s Friday afternoon and’s Framer Workshop for designers has just begun.

Jonas travelled from the Netherlands to introduce the people of Brno to Framer — a prototyping and drawing tool for graphics designers. We started using it about a year ago when we added an integrated map to our search engine at We found that it’s a really cool prototyping tool and we wanted to spread the word because the Framer community in the Czech Republic has lots of room to grow.

The event attracted a wide range of people. Trix, a frontend designer living in Brno, came to learn about Framer and see how she may be able to work with it in the future:

“I’m into new things. I’m looking for a new job and thinking about trying mobile design. I find prototyping interesting, so this was a good opportunity to learn. It was a very nice workshop with lots of demos and the presenter was very articulate.”

Unlike Trix, Xhevi and Tomáš from Prague have been using Framer for some time. Their motivation was to meet the community and learn what their peers are using it for:

Xhevi explains: “I didn’t expect to learn anything new but I’m curious to see what others are using Framer for. I was especially wondering what Martin uses it for here at”.

Xhevi’s referring to Martin Halík,’s Design Lead and the main organiser of the Framer workshop. Below, Martin provides all the basics you need to know to get started with the tool.

Martin Halík sharing his knowledge

Starting Framer with 4 easy steps

If you couldn’t make it to the workshop and you want to start using the program, you can still learn the basics right here.

#1 Start the free trial

Visit the Framer website, start the free trial and go through these materials.

#2 Watch Jonas’ workshop

Go through the workshop which Jonas led at Make sure you download all the materials to follow along.

Framer workshop for beginners — Jonas Treub

#3 Join the Framer community

Join the Framer community on Facebook and find a local group near you. Feel free to use Framer’s support — they’re there to help.

#4 Add our calendar

Follow our calendar of IT events so you don’t miss the next workshop or meetup.

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