Feb 18, 2020

Get a free ticket for Machine Learning Prague 2020!

Machine Learning enthusiasts, hold on to your science! Machine Learning Prague, the biggest European conference on data sciences is around a corner and we have a ticket to give away.

On March 20–22, 2020 you’ll have the opportunity to meet 45 world experts who are bringing actionable solutions you can learn through practical talks and hands-on workshops.

Check some of the speakers below or the complete program on the conference website.

  • François Chollet (Software Engineer, Google): World-known in the AI & ML community by being the author of Keras, a python framework for neural networks, he will give a master presentation about AI Research at Google.
  • Ashish Kapoor (Sr. Principal Researcher, Microsoft): In his talk “Building Safety Mechanisms in Autonomous Systems”, he will explore a framework that aims to preserve safety invariants despite the uncertainties in the environment arising due to incomplete information. Ashish will describe various methods to reason about safety plans and control strategies despite perceiving the world through noisy sensors and ML systems.
  • Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy (Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI): AI and ML models are increasingly used to inform high-stakes decisions. AI can objectively discriminate certain privileged and unprivileged groups at systematic advantage or disadvantage, respectively. At ML Prague 2020, he will discuss the sources of unwanted bias in AI, and how it manifests along with various points in the AI pipeline, including methods of bias mitigation. Finally, he will show how bias can be measured and mitigated using the open-source AI Fairness 360 toolkit.

Sounds appealing?

Get a free ticket or code.kiwi.com merch

We want to be sure you really strive to meet some of the most prominent people in the field and form new partnerships and friendships. We ask you to prove your enthusiasm by solving a puzzle.

1. Solve our sudoku challenge

The sudoku is a little bit more complex than the usual 9×9 one and is formed by hexadecimal squares.

Otherwise, the common sudoku rules apply (each row, column, and “nonet” can contain each symbol exactly once).

We expressed the puzzle as a simple CSV:


2. Be the first one to send us the correct solution with all the gaps filled

Send your solution in reply to the February code.kiwi.com newsletter before 23 February, 2020.

Your email should contain the correct solution and a description of how you found the solution.

The first person who sends the correct solution will get a free ticket to Machine Learning Prague.

The solution we find the most creative, elegant or simply we like the most will get a free Kiwi.com hoodie and socks.

Attend the conference with a 20 % discount

Thanks to our cooperation, we can provide you with a voucher with 20% off specially created for us to purchase a conference ticket with the code: kiwi20 (must be inserted in lowercase).

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