Jan 17, 2019

Events in 2019

Interested in Kiwi.com events? Here you can find a list of all of the events we are organising, partnering or supporting. Please, follow the links that will provide you with more information.

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November 2019

8–10 November, Barcelona: Python Weekend

9–10 November, Brno: CodeBrew Hackathon

16 November, Kharkiv: OctopusCon: Python Edition

20 November, Brno: BrMo 2019

October 2019

3 October, Ostrava: DevOps Summit 2019

3–5 October, Belgrade: PyCon Balkan

4–6 October, Alicante: PyConES 2019

7–10 October, Amsterdam: Customer Contact Week Europe

9 October, London: GitLab Commit 2019

9–11 October, Berlin: PyCon DE & PyData Berlin

10–12 October, Zagreb: WebCamp Zagreb

11–13 October, Brno: Mobile Weekend

19–20 October, Barcelona: PyDay BCN 2019

23 October, Bordeaux: UCAAT (User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing)

23–28 October, Riberão Preto: Python Brasil 2019

28–30 October, Lyon: Open Source Summit Europe

31 October, Prague: OWASP Czech Chapter Meeting

September 2019

13–17 September, Cardiff: PyCon UK 2019

15–17 September, Prague: WriteTheDocs

17 September, Budapest: Python Meetup: budapest.py

17 September, Berlin: Datadog Summit

18 September, Brno: Frontendisti Meetup

25 September, Vienna: Design System Meetup

27–28 September, Global Travel Hackathon

August 2019

2–4 August, Real UX Camp

13 August, Brno: ProductTank meetup

14 August, Ostrava: DevsDrinks

July 2019

8 July, Basel: EuroPython

15 July, online: Travel Student Challenge

22–28 July, Barcelona: Summer Camp

30 July, Brno: [Pro]Test!: BRNO

June 2019

June 7, Ljubljana: Cloud weekend

June 11, Lisbon: Python tour

June 13, Porto: Python talks

June 14, Brno: Voice hackathon

June 14, Ostrava: PyCon CZ

June 18, Sevilla: Python tour

June 19, Madrid: Python tour

June 20, Barcelona: Python tour

June 21, Barcelona: Open house party

June 27, Barcelona: Golang meetup

June 28–30, Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana: Python Weekend

May 2019

May 3, Vienna: Pydays

May 5, Mountain View: Czech beers and BBQ

May 7, Brno: Google I/O extended

May 10, Ljubljana: Travel hackathon

May 18, Brno: Women in Tech

May 30, Split: ShiftConf

May 31, Zagreb: JS weekend

April 2019

April 5, Moscow: Python conference

April 4–6, Bratislava: Python weekend

April 6, Kyiv: Krupa — interface design conference

April 8, Prague: Mobile development meetup — Kiwi.com Tech week

April 8, Bratislava: Backend technologies meetup — Kiwi.com Tech week

April 8, Prague: Design sprint workshop — Kiwi.com Tech week

April 8, Prague: Deep learning: From zero to hero in 2 hours — Kiwi.com Tech week

April 8, Brno: Security meetup — Kiwi.com Tech week

April 8, Brno: Design Systems Meetup — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 8, Prague: Modern maps for web & mobile — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 9, Brno: Mobile Development Meetup — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 9, Brno: Golang Workshop & Inspiration Night — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 9, Prague: Startup vs. Corporate battle & Engineering Leadership Meetup — Tech Week

April 9, Prague: Design Systems Meetup — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 9, Brno: Open house

April 9, Bratislava: Design Sprint Workshop — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 9, Brno: Modern maps for web and mobile — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 10, Bratislava: Golang Workshop & Inspiration Night Bratislava — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 10, Prague: Backend Technologies Meetup Prague — Tech Week

April 10, Prague: Startup vs. Corporate battle & Engineering Leadership Meetup — Tech Week

April 10, Brno: Security & lockpicking workshop — Tech week

April 11, Brno: Backend Technologies Meetup Brno — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 11, Prague: Golang Workshop & Inspiration Night Prague — Kiwi.com Tech Week

April 11, Bratislava: Engineering Leadership Meetup Bratislava — Kiwi.com Techweek

April 10–14, Copenhagen: DjangoCon Europe

April 15, Prague: UnIT ČVUT

April 15, Prague: Workshop OSM

April 16, Brno: ProductTank meetup

April 24, Barcelona: JS meetup

April 25, Zagreb: JS meetup

April 26, Bratislava: UX Travel Sprint 2019

April 29, Brno: Mapathon

March 2019

March 1, Porto: Python meetup

March 2, Ostrava: MiniDevFest

March 5, Belgrade: Open source meetup

March 6, Prague: Cross Company Issue Tracking

March 12, Zagreb: Python meetup

March 14, Split: Open source meetup

March 14, Lisboa: Agile meetup Kwan

March 15–17, Bratislava: Cloud weekend

March 19, Warsaw: Google cloud day

March 21, Bilbao: Python meetup

March 21, Prague: Google cloud day

March 22–24, Bratislava: PyCon SK 2019

March 29, Barcelona: TravelHack

March 30, Košice: HackKošice

February 2019

Feb 11, Brno: Tech Writers Meetup

Feb 12, Brno: Design System Meetup

Feb 12, Brno: OWASP Czech Chapter Meeting

Feb 12, Prague: Cloud Stories

Feb 13, Bratislava: Security Meetup

Feb 19, Brno: Blockchain Meetup

Feb 19, Barcelona: Devs Breakfast

Feb 22, Prague: ML Prague

Feb 25, Brno: Slack Meetup

Feb 26, Prague: Slack Meetup

Feb 28, Lisbon: Python meetup

Feb 28, Prague: GraphQL #2

January 2019

January 8, Prague: Design System Meetup

January 22, Prague: Community Managers Meetup

January 24, Brno: Devs breakfast

January 24, Brno: Cloud Meetup

January 25–27, Brno: JS Weekend

January 29, Prague: What is the community and why is it important

January 30, Brno: UX Meetup

January 30, Brno: What is Community and why is it important

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