Aug 6, 2018

Coding at the Summer Camp in Barcelona

It’s always fun to discover a new city and meet new people that are interested in the stuff you like and the technologies you work with.

To share what it’s like to code for, we organised a Summer Camp for Senior Devs. We invited nine non-Kiwi devs to Barcelona to work on some projects with us, get to know our offices, and taste our beloved cava.

Based on the main technology they use (JavaScript and Python), we split the attendees into two groups and connected them with their mentors. The JS team worked on an app and a dashboard showing real-time data about flights sold by that are currently in the air. The Python Team focused on developing a Slackbot for onboarding new Kiwis using AWS Lambda Functions and AWS Step Functions.

The attendees performed brilliantly and showed a hunger to learn about new technologies like GraphQL and React Native. They worked as a team, focused on their projects and communicated very well with each other.

“I loved the way we organised our work, that we delivered the first prototype very quickly and that we got help from our mentors. It was really great to collaborate with the rest of the team with such skilled guys leading us. I also enjoyed that we worked on actual projects with a result, not just something to put in a drawer afterwards.” wrote Jan, one of the participants who worked on the Slackbot.

The whole experience was enhanced by extra activities throughout the week and of course, we couldn’t miss out on a bit of a party. Still, it was a full-time working week just like any other.

Seafood paella on the balcony of our office in Barcelona.

“The only day we finished early was Wednesday because we had a paddle boarding lesson to get to, which was really cool. We also had a great lunch on Friday — seafood paella for 30 people on the office terrace”. Said Michal Sänger, a mentor, JavaScript developer, and one of’s Principal Engineers.

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