Almost 100% uptime & Blazingly fast API responses? Cloudflare Easy.

There are APIs that can be cached for a couple of seconds, minutes, or even hours. If the speed and stability of your API have more priority than the freshness of the data, this article is for you. The API itself Imagine an API which is powering your dynamic search features, but also serves dumps […]

Covid-19 and its impact on Engineering work at

For us at, the global pandemic has shown the importance of having accurate data in the most significant way. We have huge traffic volumes, and when you are processing huge amounts of data there is more room for error. We chatted with our VP of Engineering, Stanislav Komanec to learn more about the tricks […]

It’s Hacktoberfest time!

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software, and it happens every year in October. This global event is open to everyone and is an excellent way to give back to the open-source community. We are very excited to be again part of it for the second year. ???? In this blog post, I […]

Cypress: Setting up the first acceptance tests in Gitlab CI pipeline

Late evening calls, reverted releases, lost revenue, and eventually fear of touching anything in legacy code not to break something. Nobody likes that. Do you know what is one of the best ways to avoid this? Integration tests! We at use for some time, and we already had to rethink how we write […]

Hacking Node.js legacy URL API

How to bypass hostname verification to exploit allowlist functions Introduction Security is essential to us in as it ensures our customers’ safety. We need to be proactive and search for possible security issues that might affect our business and potentially cause a loss of customers’ trust. Our security engineers ensure the highest possible safety […]

Towards secure by default Google Cloud: Default service accounts

Have you heard that Cloud XYZ is secure because smart engineers in XYZ have made it that way? Unfortunately, as with many other products, this isn’t exactly true when you rely on the defaults. In this article, I’ll give you one specific example from Google Cloud Platform, along with a recommendation on how you can address […]

Developing a travel-related game in 6 days using Flutter

How to develop an application for Android, iOS, and web with the same code. organized a Mobile Challenge in collaboration with mDevCamp, for all the mobile enthusiasts to create a travel-related game. I won 3rd place with my application — game Airline Manager. With Airline Manager, you can manage your airline — buy & […] to offer a clear career path to every engineer

In the past years, our engineers in felt that they lack proper support in career growth. Many of them felt stuck and they did not know how to move forward with their careers. This was part of a bigger problem: We were missing comprehensive processes and mechanisms around performance evaluation, promotions, compensation, and general career growth. This […]

GraphQL 101 Challenge

A practical introduction to GraphQL (not only) for QA engineers REST was born in 2000 as Roy Fielding wanted to define the standardized way of API communication. In 2015 Facebook internally developed GraphQL as a modern and scalable way of communication between client and server. adopted it for some products as well and in this article, […]