How to Download a Brain with Pair Documenting

Originally published at on March 11, 2021. When people leave the company, a lot of specific and ad hoc knowledge goes away with them. Unless there is already a strong documentation culture, there’s only so much that can be said and done during exit interviews to make up for it. But this doesn’t have to be […] quick tip: Put elements in the context

Let’s take a page with multiple elements that have the same unique attribute and you want to interact with each of them separately. In our case, we want to book a flight for a family of three passengers — male, female, and an infant, so we need to fill in three forms. Looking at the […]

Faster pipelines with Knapsack Pro by parallelizing Cypress tests on GitLab CI

When the runtime of our build pipeline had reached 20 minutes on average for each commit on each Merge Request, we knew we needed a solution to speed things up. We wanted to optimize everything we could within the pipeline; a way of doing this was to parallelize our tests with Knapsack Pro to speed up our Cypress integration […]

Skip the UI using API calls

As a QA engineer who would like to start with test automation, the first thing you will learn is how to interact with the page and write automated scripts to replay your actions. But following this path, you may fall into the trap of automating all the actions in your automated tests only through the […] Nomad — the synergy between science, technology, and creativity.

Interview with Jan Plhák, Principal Engineer Modern technologies have given us the power not only to progress in creating a new “reality” but also to innovate areas that have been established before. Different ways of traveling existed for centuries, however, technology has allowed improving search capabilities leading to a better customer experience. We met […]

When & which UX Research method to use?

We guide you through the product development cycle and show you which UXR methods to apply in each stage. Can you imagine you invest a lot of money into high-quality coffee processing equipment, finalize your cafe’s interior design and open the coffee shop’s doors but you don’t check the market’s needs, your competitors and, pricing? […]

Pytest Cassettes: Forget about mocks or live requests

What if I told you that you can simply record API communication on cassette and replay it anytime you want? Setup takes literally minutes, but imagine all the saved time on mocking all external communication? Priceless! Writing integration and unit tests to cover the functionality of your API endpoints is useful, but having to send […]

What is UX Research?

How could customers value your product if you don’t know what they need? User experience research (UX Research) is inseparable from creating a desirable user experience (UX). UX research helps you to understand how to make people value and enjoy using your products or services. Thus, UX research can help you to achieve your business […]

How do we use Terraform and Vault to deploy Cloud Functions?

Most of the internal tools mentioned below are not open-sourced and they fairly depend on multiple services and providers that we use within On account of that, we cannot give you the specifics but we hope that this article can serve as an inspiration to your future setup for the deployment and development of Cloud […]

What is UX?

The integral part of all successful companies Imagine that you just entered a really classy café. You can feel the pleasant smell right away — the smell of freshly grounded coffee, warm milk, and a slight vanilla scent from the candles around you. You can also hear calm, relaxing music, perfectly matching the atmosphere. You […]