Feature flag and A/B test management in the iOS app

In bigger apps, there is often a need for using feature flags. As responsible developers, we don’t want to depend directly on a third party for this, so we create abstractions on top of the remote data provider. The one we were using wasn’t up to the task, so we set out to create a better […]

Techweek 2022: 5 reasons why you should attend

At Kiwi.com, we decided to resurrect local tech meetups in a big style — by bringing a week full of events to the community.Read on to see what we have in store for you! 1. A great variety to choose from It does not matter which technology you are a fan of. Frontend, backend, mobile, […]

Rewriting Android App’s Back-Handling Logic

Our Kiwi.com app is quite old and vast. It is in development for about 7 years; each year we’re adding more features and code, each year the app is being worked on by more developers. We evolved to a custom back-aware logic in our activities and fragments. Basically, back press was handled in the activity […]

Page Objects for E2E Android UI testing

Android end-to-end UI testing is not that difficult, but we have observed that the official API/tooling doesn’t scale much if you have a big app. “Page Object” is a design pattern abstraction over a particular screen: it provides access to read the screen’s data and provides an API to interact with the screen. You may […]

Marking it up ???? — Overview of web app rendering techniques

I’ve encountered many people being oblivious to the way web application rendering works. Initial rendering is an important topic, especially in the context of SEO and performance, so brew yourself a nice cup of tea and pay attention. Now, I will be talking about customer-facing web apps. When building internal tools or toy apps, it does not really matter. […]

Tech Community Events in 2021

Every community builder can tell that the year 2021 was not that easy when it came to organizing events. The road was rocky, but we are extremely happy to share the wrap-up of Kiwi.com tech community events in 2021. Hey ho, let’s go! Kiwi.com Python Weekends In 2021 our Python developers organized two in-person Python weekends — […]

Kiwi’s Google Data Catalogue Adoption Journey

Production experience with Google Data Catalogue at Kiwi.com Nowadays when data is spread across various systems of heterogeneous technology stacks, the catalog of a company’s data assets becomes crucial. The right choice of a data catalogue has to go hand in hand with the right usage of a tool and with understanding its limitations. A […]

CatBoost C++ library

In this article, you will find information about our implementation of the CatBoost C++ library, the reasons why we wrote it, and how to optimize C++ computations based on memory reorganization and vectorization instructions. Kiwi.com open sourced a new CatBoost applying library written in C++ with reasonably good optimizations and without dependencies. It means you can use […]

Nonstop Operations with Scylla Even Through the OVHcloud Fire

This article was originally published on ScyllaDB blog. Disasters can strike any business on any day. This particular disaster, a fire at the OVHcloud Strasbourg datacenter, struck recently and the investigation and recovery are still ongoing. This is an initial report of our company’s resiliency in the face of that disaster. Overview of the Incident Less […]