Swift 5.10 Concurrency Survival Guide

You never know what you’re going to get when updating to a new version of Xcode. Historically, the only thing to worry about was the major version updates that came out in the fall. These include not only support for that year’s new operating systems but also various new IDE features and analysis tools (e.g., checkers and sanitizers). The minor version bumps, by contrast, were much more safe/boring.

Generating SwiftUI snapshot tests with Swift macros

This article describes how our Kiwi.com iOS project uses swift macros to drive automatic snapshot tests generation in order to keep tests synced with SwiftUI previews and to get rid of a lot of maintenance-requiring boilerplate.

Airflow Summit 2023: A Snapshot of the Technical Feast in Toronto

Greetings, fellow tech enthusiasts! Recently, Stanislav and I had the privilege of presenting at the Airflow Summit 2023 in Toronto. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, and we’re excited to share our insights with our community. Here’s a recap of our adventure at the summit and the buzzing tech atmosphere that enveloped us.

Codename Tulip: The Making of Async

Thanks to everyone who came to my PyCon CZ talk last Saturday. It was probably the most beautiful venue I’ve ever given a talk in, kudos to the organization for that.

Why Trust is More than Agility

Whenever I ask somebody working in an agile team how they would describe agile, they always start by naming the ceremonies: planning, retrospective, standup, and whatnot. As a leader who has always strived for team productivity (as in: we deliver great value to our customers), not just a meaningless structure of meetings, it baffled me that my teams perceived agility similarly as described above. What did I do wrong?

ObservableObject initialisation using Environment

At Kiwi.com, the conversion of architecture from UIKit to pure SwiftUI was not without hiccups. One of them was finding a way to properly initialise an ObservableObject that depends on the environment that is injected from above.

Working in Units

Alvaro Duran Barata presented this topic at EuroPython 2023. The place was packed! Here is a loose transcript of the talk.

How Kiwi.com simplified feature delivery with effective API design

The swift and efficient delivery of new features is essential in a product-oriented company like Kiwi.com. However, as client-server architectures become increasingly complex, this task poses more significant challenges. We encountered similar obstacles when implementing new features across multiple clients. This article explores how Kiwi.com effectively tackled these challenges.