Dec 8, 2017

Brno’s First Blockchain Meetup

Hidden in the middle of Husova street is the inconspicuous entrance of Brno’s nuclear shelter which leads into the depths of Spilberk Castle hill. A small sign informs visitors that in case of an emergency, they’ll be allowed to enter for free.

Fortunately, no nuclear disaster happened on November 22 but about one hundred people passed the ticket office anyway to learn more about Blockchain technology. It was the first Blockchain meetup to be held inside Z-10 bunker.

There was something cryptic about listening to the three speakers talk about cryptocurrencies in a place resembling a crypt. However, the gas masks, bunk beds and other survival gear served as a reminder that the place was built to keep people alive.

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

Even though the venue is well worth a visit, our guests came to listen to the Blockchain technology experts. The meetup started with a short introduction by Yanik Koval who gave a lightening talk on how to trade cryptocurrencies in 2018.

The Z-10 bunker is a reminder of a different era — 50 years ago.

After a break with beer and snacks prepared by the shelter bistro — which still authentically resembles the socialist era of our country — the main talks began.

Up first was “Mining under the hood” by Vuksan Simunović (Lead Backend Developer at GameCredits). He provided us with an introduction to Blockchain and an explanation of the mining process with Python. You can watch his talk below.

Mining under the hood by Vuksan Simunović

The second talk was the “Three most dominant Blockchain based app architectures” by Malisa Pusonja (Research And Development Engineer at MVP Workshop). He presented three possible ways to solve the distribution of functionality/logic and to implement a majority of (decentralised) Blockchain apps:

  • On-chain: Explains the process of a transaction in terms of the data and logic. Ethereum blockchain is a good example (the client side is usually “dumb”).
  • Client King: Client as a connection between Blockchain and storage.
  • Oracle system: Smart Contracts contact trusted parties (Oracles) for resources.

Learn more in the video below.

Three most dominant Blockchain based app architectures by Malisa Pusonja

Thanks everyone for coming and contributing to the unique atmosphere of the event!

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