Jun 1, 2017

And the best Kiwi.com hacker is…

For our second Internal Hackathon, the mission was simple: create an ‘Out of the Box’ project — something you wouldn’t usually do at Kiwi.com.

Bence’s great idea

Twenty contestants from five teams battled it out in the kitchen to see who would get to wear the much-coveted hoodie — The Best Kiwi.com Hacker.

Working hard

We wanted to Encourage Teamwork because an idea has a much better chance of success when developed by a diverse team.

So, we had three rules:

  1. The project must be ‘Outside the Box’ — something you would not usually do at Kiwi.com.
  2. Each team must have at least half its members coming from different Kiwi.com teams.
  3. Enjoy the event and the unlimited pizza, beer, and DevOps support.
Jan Bleha explaining the rules

During the first phase of the hackathon, the boldest participants presented their ideas and tried to convince others to join them. After that, five teams were formed and worked fiercely from 6 PM until midnight.

Knights of the round table

Our Top Three Teams and their creations

Team Chef

It helps you pick a restaurant on Campus by showing you what’s on the menu. It’s based on a cron job that collects and delivers menus in a unified format through Slack.

  • Jan Masarik (Idea Guy)
  • Michal Cab
  • Ladislav Radon
  • Martin Zatko
  • Tomas Zahradnik
Team Chef cooking up some code

Team Two (Kappa) — The Traveling Salesman Board Game

A board game where contestants compete to outsmart each other — based on the Travelling Salesman Problem we love so much.

  • Bence Nagy (Idea Guy) — Nagy Bence
  • Petr Šabata
  • Vaclav Balak
  • Michal Hlavac
  • Martin Andrysík (Intern)
Brainstorming a board game

Team Vacay—the Kiwi.com exploration game

A unique Kiwi.com game for exploring our office environment and especially meeting rooms with QR Codes.

  • Pavel Zak (Idea Guy)
  • Simon Javora
  • Klara Vyletova
  • Martin Halik
Team Vacay’s final presentation

And the winner is…

Unbelievably, it was a three-way tie! Three teams won the first-place prize, which shows what you can achieve with a bit of teamwork — even in voting.

In addition to The Best Kiwi.com Hacker hoodies, each member of the winning teams won a budget boost for attending conferences as well as a code.kiwi.com T-Shirt and code.kiwi.com socks — you can never have enough socks.

It’s 1 am… let’s play The Traveling Salesman Board Game

What about a hackathon for all departments?

Yes, what a great idea!

Stay tuned because we’re planning to include Kiwis from all departments in our future hackathons.

What about a public hackathon for everyone?

Not a Kiwi.com Crew Member yet? Don’t worry — you can join our public Travel Hackathon in Prague at the end of June. Anyone can join to create their own Travel app. We’re giving away prizes worth 4,000 EUR in Kiwi.com flight vouchers!

Join the Kiwi.com Travel Hackathon in Prague
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