Sep 4, 2017

A new venue for Brno’s tech community

Andini may look like a normal café in the centre of Brno but we have big dreams for the place. We hope that it will become an important meeting point for all parts of the tech community in the area.’s Community Manager, Jan Bleha explains: “People from different parts of the IT community need a place to gather, share ideas and grow professionally.”

The venue is there for anyone who wants to organise a tech-related meetup or event. Previously, we used an old wine cellar which was fun but we needed a place with a better location and better equipment. We found this at Pekárenská 12 in a café named Andini (previously known as Friends Bistro).

The café will be opened to the general public on the 18th of September but some meetups have already taken place there. We’re thrilled to see that many more are planned for the future.

If you have an IT-related event in mind, contact us and we’ll help you organise it.

Andini is run by Nina Hrtoňová who worked as an e-learning manager at Masaryk University for a long time. She recently felt like a change and decided to start her own business. It’s clear that her love for education and self-development have stuck with her after all those years at the university.

“I want the Andini to be an interesting place where people can meet and inspire each other: not just another café in Brno,” Nina explains her philosophy while grinding coffee by hand.

Café, meeting place and food incubator

Nina has a lot of plans. During the day, Andini will be an “ordinary café” but when the sun goes down, it will turn into a meeting place for all kinds of events.

Another really interesting idea of hers is to use the facilities as a food incubator — allowing aspiring chefs and gastronomers to test their ideas before launching their own businesses. People will be able to rent the place for an event or just rent the kitchen to cook, make large batches of jams or prepare lunches for delivery.

Nina’s enthusiasm means that her plans will certainly come to fruition. At, we’re really happy with the partnership and that we can help each other reach our goals.

Do you want to see Andini for yourself?

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

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