Jun 25, 2019

5 reasons you should apply for Kiwi.com’s Summer Camp for senior devs

The Summer Camp for senior devs is back. This year again we’re taking engineers to Barcelona on 22–28 July to boost their programming skills and enjoy the summer. We cover accommodation, travel expenses, afternoon activities and sightseeing and give you 1,000€ as a reward.

1. Learn a lot, work with technologies you only read about on Twitter

Build microservices in Python or JavaScript, bring it together using Google Cloud Platform and pass the data to React Native app via GraphQL.

What the JavaScript devs will do

JavaScript on backend is fun, but have you tried connecting it with Google Cloud Platform? It gets even funnier! Join us to work with Node.js, gRPC, GraphQL and React Native.

The program for Python devs

Python 2.7 is dead so what about trying some new cool features of 3.7 version with us and doing some asynchronous programming?

During the Summer Camp you’ll put your hands on, for example, Async, Celery, and serverless.

The tasks for Cloud Engineers

Deploy infrastructure/an application with Infrastructure as a Code or let’s use Serverless technology, it’s totally up to you! Terraform, Kubernetes, Cloud Run or Cloudflare Workers, anything that our JS/Python tracks will need.

You’ll work with Kubernetes, JS at the edge — Cloudflare Workers, and Terraform.

2. Learn how it feels to work for Kiwi.com

Who are we? How do we work and what particular projects do we work on? This week is a perfect chance to find answers to these questions.

3. Enjoy a summer week in Barcelona

Do you fancy trying paddle boards, learning how to cook Catalan dishes or visiting Montserrat? Well, all you need to do is apply.

4. Meet the people behind our open source libraries

Did you come across any of our open source projects, such as the multi-platform travel app Margarita? Get the chance to meet some of the developers behind them since they’re gonna be the mentors.

5. Get a €1,000 travel voucher for your next trip

Last but not least, as a reward for working with us for the whole week, you’ll get a 1,000 euro voucher for your travels. Not bad, right?

All you need to do is apply at www.summercamp.cz and send us a completed entry task. The deadline for doing so is 28 June.

See you in Barcelona soon!

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